Lava 4G Phone Under 5000 Rupee Buy Now – Flipkart , Amazon

Lava is one of the latest Android mobile companies of India which has gained wide popularity because of its cheap yet loaded with heaps of features, mobiles. This Indian mobile handset company has got its headquarters in Noida and is one of the rising mobile brands in India. As the mobiles are made in India, they have a very low MRP in comparison to other Android mobile companies like Samsung and Moto. Lava 4G phones under 5000 are also available and they are no less than any other Android mobile handsets available in India.

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Best WiFi Network Names – Router Names For Fun Only !

Reliance on internet services for our day to day works is tremendous among the present generation. That’s the reason why most of the households today have Wi-Fi connection in them. Not just homes, but also in public places like cafes and hotels, Wi-Fi connections are used to provide people with internet services. When you set up a new Wi-Fi connection at a place, the name of the network remains as per the default settings of the router. But most people change the name of their network SSID (service set identifier). They search for the Best WiFi Network Names on the internet so that they can give an interesting name to their Wi-Fi connection.


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150+ Whatsapp Profile Pic | DP for Whatsapp HD Wallpaper Collection

has become such an integral part of our lives these days that it is impossible to imagine our days without chatting on the app. Launched in January 2009, the social media instant messaging app has taken the world by storm. In the year 2014 it was acquired by Facebook for a whopping 19.3 billion dollars. Till now over one billion users have been using the app and its wide popularity in social media messaging app category can be clearly noted from this fact. Apart from chatting with friends, the other positive point about it is that people get to flaunt their DP in it; just like other social media apps like Facebook. People are very cautious of what they use as their WhatsApp profile pic and status. It is an indirect indication of your mood and personality and most of us keep a regular check on our friends’ and family members’ WhatsApp profile pic.

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How To Block youtube ads

Accordingly these add appears on your screen for a few seconds and you can skip them by clicking on the skip add option, if provided.The standard In stream advertisements can be at a maximum of 15 seconds which includes 20 seconds for the EMEA and the 60 for skippable videos. A max time of 30 seconds is needed for the non-skippable videos to last.



how to block youtube ads

Just as you watch a variety of adds on your televisions in between news, daily soaps and other programs in the same way various ads that pop in between various videos you watch on the



Hello guys i am not here to tell you about the famous superstars
like James Cameron ,Salman Khan ,Johnny Depp,Aamir Khan,Shahrukh Khan,Oprah Winfrey,Madonna,Lady Gaga
but to the real superstar who devoted their life to technology so that we can enjoy it .
They made the gadget ,software,application and so many things that help us in every day life but we dont know about them.

Today we can search anything in a single click , downloading softwares without paying single panny,
chatting with friends in any corner of the world ,watching any location and so many things .
But at least do not forget our founders ,developers or initiators who are providing the ease of access to us.
Let a focus over the live instance :
We face a lot of difficulties to learn a programming language like c , c++, python or
java , but what about those who initiated their efforts to build these technologies.
People just spend their life to learn & then use these technologies and geting the fame
for their web or software products development .
Should the credit not to be credited to the founder of technologies ??
think of your own , you will get the answer.

The main aim of this website is to aware about all the personalities
in field of technology.and also some cool tricks and seo guide
So keep visting our site for latest updates about our global technologers.