Hello guys i am not here to tell you about the famous superstars
like James Cameron ,Salman Khan ,Johnny Depp,Aamir Khan,Shahrukh Khan,Oprah Winfrey,Madonna,Lady Gaga
but to the real superstar who devoted their life to technology so that we can enjoy it .
They made the gadget ,software,application and so many things that help us in every day life but we dont know about them.

Today we can search anything in a single click , downloading softwares without paying single panny,
chatting with friends in any corner of the world ,watching any location and so many things .
But at least do not forget our founders ,developers or initiators who are providing the ease of access to us.
Let a focus over the live instance :
We face a lot of difficulties to learn a programming language like c , c++, python or
java , but what about those who initiated their efforts to build these technologies.
People just spend their life to learn & then use these technologies and geting the fame
for their web or software products development .
Should the credit not to be credited to the founder of technologies ??
think of your own , you will get the answer.

The main aim of this website is to aware about all the personalities
in field of technology.and also some cool tricks and seo guide
So keep visting our site for latest updates about our global technologers.



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